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Old Website Stats
Posted on 1:00 AM 25 Aug 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Decided to post what my stats were on my old URL, since now I'm tracking hits on this new URL (see previous newspost, the button one of this one).

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Posted on 10:53 PM 24 Aug 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Hey guys- new URL for the website.


Update your bookmarks and whatknot.


Posted on 6:39 PM 23 Aug 2010 by Yamataro

Yeah, I went and like... whipped ass on the Arcade. I'm the champion in 13 games. :3 Think you can beat that? I welcome you to do so.

I drew something today!
Posted on 3:16 PM 23 Aug 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Tell me what you guys think of it.

Well, you can post in the forums.

Or my deviantart smile


Reposting old News...
Posted on 9:04 PM 22 Aug 2010 by Yamataro

No avi right now, as I can't find it. But let me link you to AR.

So there you go. :3 Enjoy it.
Edit: Avi added, thank to Yoshy. Love you Yoshy.


Ah FFF--
Posted on 3:41 PM 22 Aug 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Upgraded the news system so some current news got deleted. @.@

New Forum Software!
Posted on 11:04 AM 11 Aug 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Yes, ladies and gents-

The forum got an update, and all themes are working properly. Just FYI.


Do you play TF2?
Posted on 3:07 PM 31 Jul 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I sure as f[bleep]k do!

And I tried a dickload to get a golden wrench, but alas, I failed.

A shitload of people failed, but you know what? Some of them people said "Hey, lets destroy these sonsofbitches!"

Others asked, "why"?

I'll tell you why- to give to charity. Below is a tally of sorts to show how much (and how many) people have given to this 'cause.


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Welcome, new visitors!
Posted on 10:17 AM 16 Jul 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Some of you might know who I am, a spriter who got into the game back in 1998.
I went by the name of- well Yoshy Ryu.

Enough of that- some of you might be coming over here form The Mystical Forest Zone after discovering that they've changed their updating system to CuteNews. I just so happened to visit the site when they mentioned they were gonna do it, so I decided to help out in every way that I could. Long story short, I helped them a lot.

A. Lot.

So- now that you're here I think you should check out my site, and due note I'm looking to have people's comics hosted on my site.


Holy S[bleep]t!!
Posted on 11:22 AM 22 Jun 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

It appears people are joining the forums- again, and being active!

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I'm damn bored.
Posted on 9:47 AM 22 Jun 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Seriously, what's a Kike gotta do to get some food 'round here?
'sides get a job.


Posted on 7:49 AM 04 Jun 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Hey guys, this site is barely alive.

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New System and New Avatar
Posted on 11:59 AM 21 May 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Guess what?

I added a new chat system to The Spriter's Zone.

You will, obviously, be a member of TSZ to use it. You'll see it in the top menu in the forums- have fun!


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Feelin' better.
Posted on 3:07 PM 28 Apr 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm feeling a whole lot better then before.

Also, got Borderlands for the PS3 and I'm enjoying it alongside MGS:TTS for the gamecube.

I'm thinking about getting Metal Gear Solid 2, but I think the PS3 Slim doesn't play PS2 games.

I'll still look into it.


*cough cough* ..ughh..
Posted on 4:39 PM 15 Apr 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I'm feeling really, really bad at the moment.
I seem to be sick with some sort of cold/cough.

More of what I'm ailing with in the full news.


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How to install Action Replay DS 64 bit drivers
Posted on 3:56 PM 13 Apr 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Tutorial by me!

Go knock yourself out, you crazy kids.


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Bejeweled Tournament!
Posted on 1:05 PM 23 Mar 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I provide you with my forum's first video game tournament.

This game is of Bejeweled, an it's a five day event. You get three attempts, and there will be three rounds. Go to the Game Section and check it out.


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Well, good night...
Posted on 12:54 PM 23 Mar 2010 by ShoySlayer


So wassup, seems i got a hang of this thing!
for the REAL news, click full story.


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OC Contest
Posted on 11:53 AM 23 Mar 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

it ended.

And guess who won?


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A Different Perspective Batch Update
Posted on 3:33 PM 20 Feb 2010 by Zman

So according to Yosh, I needs to tell you guys whenever I update ADP.

Anywho, I just did a batch update that'll cover the week, including today. Enjoy.



Domino's Pizza Rant - NSFW
Posted on 12:23 PM 17 Feb 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I made a rant about Domino's Pizza, and it's NSFW.

But in a good way.


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Moar Games
Posted on 10:59 AM 15 Feb 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Got some new games- Plupon, Combo Card, and Card Raidert.

Don't forget to make some Game Requests.


Game Section update
Posted on 11:01 AM 08 Feb 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Added new games-
added Archery, Contra: Snowfield Battle, and Cenepede.

Remember- only members can play them.

..and joining is free. lawl.


Good News Everyone
Posted on 9:03 AM 05 Feb 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I'm going to be starting up a new sprite comic series.
It'll be about Kike Man, more info in the full story.


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Zman has Arrived
Posted on 1:38 PM 03 Feb 2010 by Zman

I'll be hosting the comic "A Different Perspective" here courtesy of Yoshy Ryu. That is all.

Sprite Talk, anyone?
Posted on 9:46 AM 01 Feb 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Even though I still want to do Sprite Talk, not that many people want to be in it.

For the few who do want to be Sprite Talk, the sprite comic in which I go interview spriters, I'll be bringing it back within the next month or so.

More on this in the full story.


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Comics be a coming!
Posted on 8:06 PM 28 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

But fist- a little remodel of the comic pages themselves.
More on the full story.


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I am awesome.
Posted on 9:07 AM 28 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

No doubt about it. King Lyger himself thinks so.
Not much to update with, though there is now an achivement system on the forum now. Little awards that are given to the members of the forum for going above and beyond and for even completing things in their spritework.

More on that as it develops.


Updated meh drawings.
Posted on 11:29 AM 21 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

What did I do this time? Nothing much, except now I brought back my old art gallery to the drawings page.

The flash one is still there, but if it's not loading for people then they can still view my drawings the old fashion way. wink

..... on the internet.


New Favicon
Posted on 2:52 PM 19 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Why? I just felt like it.
*edit is in full story*


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Sprite update, again.
Posted on 11:36 AM 14 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

More sprites have been added to the sprite sheet gallery.

New Sheets? Did someone wet the bed...?
Posted on 9:37 AM 13 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

No, they didn't. lul. laughing

Added a few of Senretsu's sprite sheets to the sprite sheets.


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Drawings, you say?
Posted on 1:18 PM 05 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I decided to beef up my drawings- well at least the page that has them.

Checkin' referrals to my site
Posted on 11:35 AM 05 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Seems I've gotten 13 visits from neomonsterisland.com from Dec. 17-18 last month...

..My only question is how?

Full story has a current list of how people are getting linked to my site.

*edit* I just registered at their forum.


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Out With the Old and in With the New
Posted on 3:45 PM 04 Jan 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

As the title says- new things are in order.

Such as Blitzkrieg Man now on the site staff as well as replacing the old website layout.

I finally got around to changing the emoticons for the site to the forum emoticons.

Just a reminder- my site will now be hosting my member's sprite sheets (from the forum) as well as other people's sprite comics (if they're good). More in the full story.


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