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Added Spriting Tutorials
Posted on 10:45 AM 29 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

We now have spriting tutorials here at TSZ, feel free to use 'em!

Be sure to thank Evilagram for the list.


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Now on Facebook
Posted on 7:46 PM 23 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Why not?


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Last Chance!
Posted on 11:08 AM 20 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

The banner contest for the Kike Man: Freelance Admin ends tonight at midnight, I will then pick the winning banner and then it shall mold the layout of for the comic on The Spriter's Zone.

Yom Kippurin', like a Boss.
Posted on 1:07 PM 18 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

crying Can't eat for another three hours, but I'm doing fine.
More info on Yom Kippur in the full story.


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Five days left-
Posted on 10:58 AM 15 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Five days left for what?
For the banner contest!

Enter the contest now!


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Livin' on a prayer...
Posted on 9:50 PM 13 Sep 2010 by Yamataro

I'm debating quitting my job. :/
But I'm not sure.
College sucks...


We're half way there!
Posted on 2:20 PM 11 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

You know about three people who wouldn't mind helping a fellow host his sprite arching site that has awesome comics on it as well?

If you don't, then shame on you.


Have you slept on a cloud today?
Posted on 5:07 PM 09 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

New Kike Man: Freelance Admin today. smile

Hey! Listen! Chip in!
Posted on 10:24 AM 09 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Hey guys, figured I might as well help out TMFZ a bit by placing this here.


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Happy Jew Year everyone!
Posted on 7:06 PM 08 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Just letting you guys know, I hope you all have a sweet New year, happy Rosh Hashanah to mein fellow Kikes.

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♫ You can fly, you can fly, you can fly ♫
Posted on 4:02 PM 06 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

New episode of Kike Man: Freelance Admin.

I come to deliver!
Posted on 11:26 AM 04 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Hot and fresh it's Flaming Ace, a website I have just helped out by redoing their forum's theme. Go check 'em out they got comics and stuff that's awesome!

Made a theme today-
Posted on 9:43 AM 03 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

For Treadhead Forums!

You know, Project Darkfox's forum? The guy who made "There's Something About Tails"?

He can draw pretty awesome stuff, you should commision him some drawings.


Mid-Series Break!
Posted on 1:51 AM 03 Sep 2010 by Haunt

So the series is having a break for one week, and trust me, it will return with a bang and a shocking twist. You'll find out the fate of Knuckles, whether or not Sonic will escape the Dark Realm, where the Dark Realm actually is, or what it is, and who the mysterious Haunt the Fox is, and is he who he says he is? You will find out the truth about the new Amy Rose, and find out if Rouge and Tails managed to find Robotnik.

Posted on 11:29 PM 02 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Seems that members could not post in the banner contest because of some settings I had accidentally forgot to fix.. sad

Sorry about that guys, I will now extend the deadline to September 20th.

I do apologize for screwing that up for you guys.. crying


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New Haunted Mobius
Posted on 6:10 PM 02 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Haunt has updated his comic, but he doesn't seem to be updating on the front page.
Not sure why.


Psst, didja know about the extras page?
Posted on 4:21 PM 02 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

..on the Middle Ground's site, btw.

Now accepting fan-made content, check the page for more info.


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Re-Did the Staff Page...
Posted on 8:23 PM 01 Sep 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

...On the Middle Ground!!

I reorganized it, I aslo added Kai and myself to the staff list, changed the order of the staff members, and updated TonyTH's and AkumaTH's buttons.

I added up to date contact information for TonyTH as well.

Also, added a facebook button below flavor of the month!


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