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Adopt an Artist - TsurugiOkami
Posted on 5:03 PM 27 Oct 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Need an artistic person to help you with your art needs?
Look no further, because TsurugiOkami from dA currently has opened commission slots. Go and get yours today!


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BEHOLD! Chaos Sonic Forum!
Posted on 2:33 PM 25 Oct 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

We have a new affiliate here at TSZ, Chaos Sonic Forum!

Isn't their button awesome?


Sonic Fanremix Demo!
Posted on 10:37 AM 21 Oct 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Man, this demo blew me away--

It's awesome. smile

If you want to download the demo, check SonicFanRemix.com.

If the download link is not working, try here


If you do not have a program that can open a RAR file type, try 7-Zip, it's free and it opens it.


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Half way there!
Posted on 10:20 AM 19 Oct 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

If you know someone who can and is willing to give to a great cause, please give to FireBall20xl.com.

This site offers amazing online comics for free, but hosting can cost a lot. But thankfully we have raised a bit over half of the money needed to continue to host their amazing website.


Adopt a Website - FireBall20XL.com
Posted on 9:44 AM 11 Oct 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Ever wanted to own something, but not really own it?

Hello, I'm Yoshy Ryu, better known as "Kike Man", or "That Jew with the Glasses".
I am here today to offer a brand-new internet service called "Adopt-a-site".
What are the qualifications, you say? Well little Jimmy, here they are.

One: You must be willing to give about 1 dollar to about 30, heck even 100 dollars to his noble 'cause.

What 'cause? I'm glad you asked that Johnson.

Let us come together and give hope to a struggling yet awesome website. Today, we offer the good internet magicks such as fireball20xl. So here it is, FireBall20xl.

So please, adopt a website today. Which one? this one.

Why? Because if you don't, you'll never be able to mount up to anything.

Yes, this will be the foundation of your very life. So give. A lot.
Right now.


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