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Hey! Check this crazy shit out!
Posted on 12:26 PM 29 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

You like RPing?
You like forums?

Gentlemen, BEHOLD!

A friend of mine is trying to raise some funds, so help her out?

Here is her chipin

And what about mine? Check the full story for that.


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I require your assistance..
Posted on 10:52 PM 19 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Dear visitors and members of The Spriter's Zone, my laptop has died and rather then getting all the replacement parts for it, I figured "why not just get a new laptop entirely?"

But.. I need some help.

But I'm not just gonna ask for your money, I'll give you stuff in return.

Here is the donation amount and it's gift from me, to you.

10 dollars - A sketch by me to you of your character (no backgorund, black and white with some shading)- please nothing pornographic.

20 dollars - a sketch by me, with your character plus another character of yours (or friend's character), plus background (still black and white)

50 dollars - I'll get Kajin to mention you in one of his updates on The Mystical Forest Zone **

Also, a special bonus to whoever donates the most money to me. They will get a website built for them. By me. Do you like the site you're visiting? You could have one like this.
You want some crazy fancy flash on your site? Boom, you got it. Fancy javascript or PHP? No problem. Drupal/Wordpress site? That's what I'm talking about. We can do this one of two ways- you pay for the hosting and name, and I make the site for you so you still have access to the files encase you want someone else to manage it after it's made. Or, I host it and if you ever wanna not have it host it by me then sure, I'll give you the files for the site.


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Create-A-Site :: Psytrack Studios
Posted on 3:06 PM 11 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

To all those out there who are tired of trying to save FireBall20XL.COM through my newsposts, how about we try and give life to a site?

Please, find it in your hearts to give to give Psytrack Studios a home online, for it has none. It's currently living out on the streets being beat up for being an idea. But make this idea a reality.


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Help-a-Site :: Fireball20xl.com
Posted on 8:29 PM 09 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Help FireBall20XL.com.


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Nintendalgia DOT com!
Posted on 10:36 AM 08 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

"Nintendalgia, the place for a nostalgic look back at Nintendo’s greatest years. Starting from the NES, released in 1985, Nintendo’s grown to be one of the biggest video game giants..."

You should totally check 'em out, if you like Nintendo and related Nintendo shenanigans you'll be hooked to this site and it's forum!


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Posted on 4:02 PM 01 Nov 2010 by DoctorOran

So now I have this comic up named U7... and maybe it'll be up your alley! It has tough guys, mages, possessed things, Shyguys, and traces of sarcasm, frustration, and possible stoner idiocy.

Updates are slow, but I'll try to keep readers posted on when the next one comes.

Check it out


Adopt a Website - FireBall20XL.com ..again
Posted on 12:56 PM 01 Nov 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Sadly, a new month as arived and thus a new payment for Fireball20xl.com.

Give if you can.

Note: This is not to keep The Spriter's Zone online. This is to help out another website callled fireball20xl.

Quote Psyguy:

Hey guys, sorry to take center stage with "Give me money for free!". But, another month has come and gone and the money has been paid to all the places to keep this webpage up - leaving the bag empty. I don't like coming on here with the same old tune again and again - but if you'd like to give thanks for November - everyone here at fb20xl could really use your support to stay online. Mr. OMA, Tyson, myself - anyone you come here for.

If you can do anything, anything at all, it would be a huge help to not only myself, but all the staff members here. Show your support by donating today!

Later days,



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