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Posted on 5:52 AM 30 Jan 2011 by Crest

Comic's coming soon guys, I'm totally not dead over here. D:

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The Middle Ground's new affiliate..
Posted on 1:29 PM 25 Jan 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

..Magical Exploding Pony..

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Oh fu- A special report!
Posted on 11:48 PM 19 Jan 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

Sweet sonava-

Here is a very special TSZ Weekly.


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Hey Look! New TSZ Weekly
Posted on 8:25 PM 19 Jan 2011 by Rave Duck

Every week, new TSZ Weekly!
This one is about Andy again. I know. Maybe we'll get to something new soon.


New Forum and Site layout
Posted on 7:22 PM 18 Jan 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

New layout. Feels good.


Um, Andy quit.
Posted on 4:19 PM 17 Jan 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

Yeah, read the full story for his take on this.

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Moar News!
Posted on 6:20 PM 13 Jan 2011 by Rave Duck


Moar news!


We want you. Yes, you!
Posted on 7:49 PM 10 Jan 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

Check this crazy shit stuff out.

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Gettin' back into it
Posted on 3:14 PM 05 Jan 2011 by DoctorOran

With the holidays mostly out of the way, I now have some time to work on U7 again! Also, possibly other projects too! Expect some updates to trickle in a little quicker.

Posted on 1:16 PM 03 Jan 2011 by Andy O'Toole


I have no section yet but here you go!



Happy New Year!
Posted on 5:52 PM 01 Jan 2011 by Crest

I'm the new resident of these here parts, Crest. Wishing y'all folks a happy new year as I bring to you a new comic of the site, Like the Wind.

Hope to get along with you!


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New Post!
Posted on 6:26 PM 31 Dec 2010 by Rave Duck

This week's news is up.
Will be posting the results of the contest soon!


Posted on 12:00 AM 28 Dec 2010 by Andy O'Toole

Alrighty, I'm TSZ latest staff member and I'm a sprite comicer.

Whilst I wait for Yoshy to set up my section on the forum and my CSS here on site,
I've temporarly posted my comic HERE.

Now, of course...

GO ahead and click the full story to read about my rather interesting debut!


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New Staffer
Posted on 12:07 PM 24 Dec 2010 by Rave Duck

Hey everybody!

Yoshy really liked my idea for a weekly forum update article so I'm getting comfy with the controls for the server!

Hopefully we'll get things together rather soon!



A Dashing Forum
Posted on 12:01 AM 22 Dec 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

I found this forum the other day- Dashing Forums is it's name.

Fun place, really. So far I've joined and just started posting around.


Make a Wish Foundation
Posted on 4:06 PM 17 Dec 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

Hello everyone.

You see the banner on the top left of the website? That's to the Make a Wish foundation.

Even if you won't donate to me, or to FB20XL, or to any of the other places I've mention- why not them?


Video Game Ephemera
Posted on 1:07 PM 15 Dec 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

What exactly is Video Game Ephemera? It's a website that contains articles on a bunch of flyers, press kits, and other promotional items for old video games and stuff. Very interesting if you're into that sort of thing, which I am.

So I thought I might as well share the site with you guys- go check it out.


Gift Art for Kike Man?
Posted on 2:29 PM 03 Dec 2010 by Yoshy Ryu

An old friend of mine is doing random gift arts to people until Christmas.
He Drew Kike Man today, so check out his art.

Happy third night of Hanukkah everyone.


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