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New TSZ Weekly
Posted on 6:24 PM 31 Mar 2011 by Rave Duck

New TSZ Weekly!
The punchline is more at the end. Have fun! laughing


Girla is the reason I will never pass the Bechdel test
Posted on 9:33 AM 31 Mar 2011 by Atma

Did I mention how terrible I am to her yet?


Also don't expect anything next week. Gotta study again because I got that thing coming up.


Chapter 8 is underway
Posted on 7:07 PM 29 Mar 2011 by DoctorOran

It's filler time.



This update has nothing to do with Rebecca Black's song.
Posted on 12:09 PM 25 Mar 2011 by Atma

Yeah, still kinda busy over here. But hey! Here's some pointless cameos to keep you all occupied.


Oh, and Giselle better not get too depressed, or else Lordi will show up and kill all her friends.


TSZ Weekly
Posted on 7:43 PM 20 Mar 2011 by Rave Duck

I'm on leave.
But here's some TSZ Weekly


Pride cometh before a shot to the sack
Posted on 2:11 PM 09 Mar 2011 by Atma

I screwed up again. Was hoping to have a bigger update this week, but complications arose. (In the form of Pokemon Black no doubt) Guess I'm gonna have to drink some more tiger's blood if I want to be more efficient at this.



New Update
Posted on 5:37 AM 09 Mar 2011 by Rave Duck

I'm a little early but that's okay.
Check out TSZ weekly!


More U7? So soon?
Posted on 1:03 AM 08 Mar 2011 by DoctorOran

Within a week of the last page?!

Also I fixed a date error on the three pages before this one. The dates were supposed to be the year 2011, not 2010.


Sorry about the late update
Posted on 6:16 AM 05 Mar 2011 by Rave Duck

Here's this week's news!

More U7 from the doc
Posted on 11:08 PM 02 Mar 2011 by DoctorOran

Go go go

Just one more page left in this chapter.


With apologies to Ian McKellan
Posted on 12:13 PM 02 Mar 2011 by Atma

Yeah only one comic this week. (Been intending to have just one next week, but eh.) But hey! How about that prejudice? Eh? Eh?


Yeah I'm gonna go now.



To the Middle Ground Staff and it's forum members:
Posted on 4:12 PM 01 Mar 2011 by Yoshy Ryu

I'm sorry.

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